Can Blinking Exercises Help Treat or Prevent Dry Eye?

Can Blinking Exercises Help Treat or Prevent Dry Eye
Can Blinking Exercises Help Treat or Prevent Dry Eye?

Exercises that force you to consciously blink your eyes are known as blinking exercises. They could aid in treating dry eye conditions.

When you have dry eyes, your eyes don't produce enough tears to keep them healthy and functioning properly. Either inadequate tear production ("deficient" dry eye) or problems inside your eye that cause tears to evaporate too quickly ("evaporative" dry eye) are to blame for this.

You blink less frequently when your body isn't producing tears naturally. Your eyes may become harmed if you don't cry sufficiently.

Here, practising blinking exercises could be beneficial. Blinking exercises may help with dry eye symptoms, while you may still need prescription drugs or other therapies.

Blinking exercise for dry eye benefits

Natural tears and blinking often go hand in hand. You don't blink your eyes as much as you should if you don't have enough tears. On the other hand, if you blink insufficiently, your eyes won't receive the tears they require to be healthy.

Your eyes receive a much-needed layer of tears with each blink. This shields your entire field of vision and is composed of water, oil, and mucus. A person may blink 7–10 times each minute on average. However, spending more time in front of a screen may result in fewer blinks.

Researchers are looking at the potential advantages of deliberate blinking exercises for the treatment of dry eyes due to the links between blinking and tear production.

In a 2021 study, 41 individuals engaged in daylight blinking exercises for 10 seconds every 20 minutes for 4 weeks, with the results being evaluated. "Modest changes" in tear generation and quality were discovered by researchers.

Additionally, they mentioned that blinking exercises might be beneficial in conjunction with other therapies. People who frequently stare at screens are advised to practise blinking.

The conclusion is that blinking exercises are beneficial for your overall eye health, even though further research is required to determine the precise advantages they may have for dry eye especially.

Set a timer for one minute at a time and try performing eye workouts by blinking your eyes up to 50 times in various directions (up and down). This procedure may be repeated up to five times per day.

During blinking exercises, make sure your eyes rapidly flutter closed and open rather than entirely closing them.

What is blind working for dry eye?

Blinking exercises for dry eyes may be replaced by a different method known as "blind working." The idea behind this technique is to completely rest your eyes by closing them when you don't need to see (other than while you sleep at night).

If you spend a lot of time each day staring at a screen, blind working might be very beneficial. Increased screen time and dry eye may be related, according to a review published in 2021. The authors also discovered that resting your eyes and practising proper blinking can be beneficial.

Blind working involves resting your eyes, as opposed to activities that include blinking. Try to find a few minutes each day to completely close your eyes.

As an alternative, you can program a timer to go off for 20 seconds every 20 minutes while you're staring at a screen.

Working while blind can also help your eyes produce more of the necessary tear film. If you are exposed to environmental conditions like low humidity that aggravate dry eye, this may be a particular relief.

When to contact a doctor

Despite the potential advantages of dry eye blinking exercises, it is still advisable to visit an eye specialist for a thorough examination. Blinking causes discomfort? If so, be checked out by a doctor straight soon.

If your dry eye problems are getting worse, you can also think about visiting an eye doctor. Mild to severe variations of the following are also possible:
  • vision that is occasionally noticeably foggy, especially at night or during reading
  • responsiveness to light
  • mucus or tear secretion that is excessive
  • excessive blinking or strange twitching
  • persistent redness and inflammation of the eyes
  • persistent stinging or burning feelings
  • Grittiness and the sensation that something is always trapped in your eye
  • heightened sensitivity to irritants like smoke or the wind
  • eye pain that can prevent you from wearing contacts

Other remedies for dry eye

You can attempt additional dry eye treatments besides practising proper blinking, such as:
  • using artificial tear products available over the counter (OTC)
  • applying warm towels to your eyes
  • massaging the eyelids
  • removing your eye makeup
  • Increasing your intake of vitamin A or omega-3 fatty acids if your doctor suspects you are low in these nutrients
  • increasing water intake
  • humidifier use in dry spaces
  • putting on sunglasses when outside
  • minimising screen time and regularly taking breaks

Medical treatment for dry eye

Various medical procedures could be used to treat dry eye, including:
  • Artificial tears without preservatives (if you need to use them six or more times daily, as recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology)
  • prescription eye drops or ointments to keep your eyes moisturised
  • Using punctual plugs, you can temporarily block your tear ducts to reduce excessive tear production.
  • surgery to permanently seal the tear ducts
  • treating a few potential contributory underlying disorders, like autoimmune illnesses


The tear coating in your eyes is replenished in part by blinking. Theoretically, this might assist in treating and preventing dry eye. Even though additional research is required to fully understand the potential advantages of blinking exercises, these might be useful additions to dry eye treatment regimens.


Can yoga cure dry eyes?

The idea that eye yoga can improve vision or treat eye ailments including dry eyes is unsupported by scientific research.

Can dry eyes be cured permanently?

It doesn't have a cure

Is dry eye lifelong?

Dry eyes can be temporary

Can dry eye symptoms go away?

It doesn't have a cure, but treatments can help manage your symptoms.

Is Milk good for dry eyes?

Some vitamins and minerals are good for your eyes in a lot of dairy products.

Can eggs cause dry eyes?

It can help protect from dry eye syndrome as well.

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